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The territory of Lake Iseo and the surrounding areas are one of the most loved and surprising Italian jewels: places with a thousand facets, rich in history and culture, whose breathtaking views extend from calm waters to solemn mountains, from relaxing hills covered with vineyards to villages to explore.

The lake and its mountains: Monte Isola

Lake Iseo (Sebino) is the 4th largest lake in Lombardy and the seventh in Italy, with its surface of 61 km2: it has glacial origins and a sinuous shape, surrounded by high mountains.

At the centre of the lake stands the majestic Monte Isola, the largest European lake island and pearl of the lake, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The island is accessible by ferry, which in a few minutes reach its villages on the lake: Peschiera Maraglio, Sensole, Carzano, Siviano, connected by a regular bus service.

These, together with the other mountain villages, form the Municipality of Monte Isola, which became part of the Association of “Most beautiful villages in Italy” for the beauty and particularity of its places, all to discover: its roads and paths can be covered in quiet walks or by bike, while an alternative exploration is possible from the lake with organized boat trips around the island.

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The pyramids of Zone

Of the same glacial origin of the Sebino are the Pyramids of Zone: these characteristic formations were formed thanks to the erosion of the soil by atmospheric agents, which isolated the large protective boulder on the top forming pyramids up to 30 meters high.

Since 1984 the territory is recognized as the “Regional Reserve of the Pyramids of Erosion of Zones” and is a destination for tourists and students: it is possible to organize guided tours also in collaboration with the ecological guides of the Mountain Community of Sebino Bresciano.

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Connection between Lake and Franciacorta are the bodies of water and the narrow strips of land that form the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve, a destination for lovers of birdwatching and for lovers of walks in total relaxation.

This protected territory has glacial origins, but the real formation is due to the exploitation of the area by extraction of peat (torba), used since the nineteenth century as a source of energy in spinning mills: the bodies of water formed after the excavation became an ideal place for the life of fish and birds, both migratory and sedentary.

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The rock engravings of Valcamonica

The nearby territory of Valcamonica holds the most important example of rock art in Europe, with over 300,000 figures carved on the rock walls.

First Italian World Heritage Site under the protection of UNESCO, in 1979, the National Park protects the historiated rocks that bear witness to the life of the ancient Camuni, inhabitants of the areas since the Paleolithic (8000 BC), depicting the evolution in the life of these populations until more recent times such as the Roman domination.

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Immediately south of Lake Iseo lies the Franciacorta, area of morainic hills and known especially for the production of the homonymous DOCG wine, exported all over the world.

The green landscapes are rich in wild flora, woods, meadows and lush pastures, which alternate with olive groves and vineyards.

A land rich in history and culture, it offers numerous architectural testimonies of antiquity, such as monasteries, churches and abbeys, villas and castles of the Middle Ages.

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