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The gastronomy of the territory is the expression of the lake and the land, a combination of fishing and agriculture products: Franciacorta and the lake are definitely worth a trip for wines and local cuisine, made of simple but strong flavors, all to be discovered.

The fish is cooked in countless ways. The most famous dish is the stuffed tench, accompanied by the polenta that is served in Clusane (tinca al forno, con polenta). This small fishing village, thanks to this dish originally prepared in the houses, has built a thriving economy based on gastronomy that began in the late 19th century.

Other fish dishes include perch fillets, pasta and risotto with fish, filled ravioli, eels, coregoni, baked char, crayfish. In addition to the dishes already mentioned famous “sardines” served with slices of roasted polenta. They are now part of the local landscape arches that, on the island, are used to hang fish left in the sun and air to dry and then stored in oil.

Discover the specialties of Lake RosmundaDiscover the specialties of Lake Rosmunda

The meat is always on the menu and another typical dish is the beef oil of Rovato, an important agricultural center considered the capital of Franciacorta, which boasts a long tradition in the breeding and marketing of meat.

Irreplaceable accompaniment for meat and for some lake fish dishes is polenta, once a single dish on the tables of the poor.

The rediscovery of good and healthy eating has given new impetus to the cultivation of olive trees, so as to make the olive groves an integral part of the landscape. In Marone, recognized as a city of oil, we organize various events dedicated to oil throughout the year.

Each dish is accompanied by excellent wine produced in Franciacorta, which in a few decades became one of the most beloved Italian products in the world.

Interesting is the opportunity of guided tours in the cellars, where expert oenologists accompany visitors to discover the transformation of grapes in the nectar of the Gods. The wineries that are part of the Consortium of Protection of Franciacorta, through the Association Strada del Franciacorta, organize almost all the year a calendar of visits to wineries to welcome individual visitors and groups.

The Rosmunda Restaurant awaits you with all its specialties