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Cycle tourism

Lake Iseo and Franciacorta are the ideal place for lovers of cycling: there are many itineraries to choose from, from the most peaceful and relaxing paths among hills of vineyards and characteristic villages, for walks suitable for families, up to more demanding hikes such as the roads that lead from the lake to Valle Trompia, through Val Palot, real tests of skill and strength.

There are many bike paths among the connecting roads of the area, for example the beautiful and picturesque pedestrian cycle road Vello-Toline. The longest is the Brescia-Paratico, which connects the city of Brescia to Lake Iseo along the Franciacorta and touching some of the main attractions, such as the Abbey of Rodengo Saiano, the Castle of Passirano, the Nature Reserve of the Peat Bog.
Also in Franciacorta there are many possible itineraries, including the five agro-cycle-tourist routes run by the Strada del Franciacorta association, within everyone’s reach, or the permanent route of the annual mountain bike race “Gimondi Bike“: a meticulously marked route, with departure and arrival in the town of Iseo, which winds for 35 km along the same route of the race.

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For walks, countless paths run along the Brescia side of Lake Iseo, while in Franciacorta you can find paths in little known valleys.

The famous ones on Monte Isola are flanked by the paths that run along the eastern side of the lake that, starting from the towns on the banks, reach the peaks above up to Monte Guglielmo.

This imposing mountain, called “the mountain at home” because entirely on the territory of Brescia, offers on its own various opportunities for excursions that will satisfy everyone: from simple walkers to those who love ski mountaineering, up to fans of Nordic walking.

A fascinating route and suitable for any enthusiast is definitely the Ancient Valerian Road ( strada Valeriana), which stretches for about 25 kilometers and offers an exciting view of the lake and the surrounding landscape: you can walk completely or for short kilometers, returning to your own footsteps or reaching your starting point by train or boat.

Other more hidden but not less fascinating paths are found in the small valleys between Ome and Monticelli Brusati, such as “the Path of the waterfalls“: natural adventure-path in a small gorge where flows the river Gaina, which forms small and fascinating waterfalls, is also suitable for hot summer days because it is completely shaded.

Water sports

The lake offers many opportunities to practice water sports.

Several nautical centers have trained sailing champions, who have participated in world competitions and the Olympics, and during the summer season they organize courses for children and adults.

Canoeing is practiced mainly in the area of the lower lake and on the river Oglio, where there is a quite challenging route because of the artificial barriers between Paratico and Palazzolo about 12 km. In the tourist season some seaside resorts rent the necessary equipment.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are now established practices, carried out especially on windy days, just before summer storms: there is the possibility of renting equipment and even to make courses.


You can experience the thrill of paragliding by addressing the schools in the area that organize courses and flights from the hills of Sale Marasino and Sulzano.

Fans of free climbing will find countless walls overlooking the lake or along the small valleys near “Monte Guglielmo” : the Buca del Quai in Iseo, the “Valle dell’Opol” in Zone, the “Madonna della Rota in Marone”.

Other activities

Methods and periods regulate fishing on the lake, while in Franciacorta there are some private fishing lakes. In the peatlands have been prepared some areas where you can fish, with daily permission for a fee and following the rules indicated, as present in the area of the Nature Reserve.

Golf enthusiasts will find in Franciacorta the homonymous 18-hole golf club, surrounded by a landscape of 60 hectares with lakes and rich vegetation.

Also for horse riding the area is full of routes and there are many horse riding centers that organize schools for children and adults, with the possibility of organizing excursions for horse trekking.

A holiday full of emotions awaits for you!